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Trofimova Yulia Mikhailovna, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, sub-department of English philology, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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81’373; 811.453


Background. Ideograhic dictionaries are of great value in revealing the development of human knowledge of the surrounding world. Compiling of an ideographic dictionary of an old language makes it possible to reconstruct the objective picture of human cognition. The article deals with reconstructing the Germanic cultural component of the Gothic lexemes used in the Wulfilian translation of the Gothic Bible to express Judaic realities and notions which are not typical of Gothic as a Germanic language.
Materials and methods. The study was based on the vocabulary represented in the Gothic Bible which was translated from Greek and reflects realia different from Germanic cultural phenomena. The methodological potential of constructing ideographic strata corresponding to the Germanic culture included the principles of semantic reconstruction, ideographic analysis and paradigmatic analysis of thematic lexical groups.
Results. The principles of singling out ideographic structures of the Gothic vocabulary have been established on the basis of the Gothic concepts and lingual picture of the world. There have been determined several structures of the Gothic vocabulary that can be included in the ideographic dictionary of the Gothic language.
Conclusions. It is suggested that the Gothic ideographic dictionary based on cognitive principles could be an opportunity to cover all known Gothic lexemes and represent them from the viewpoint of the concept and the lingual picture of the world.

Key words

text of translation, background component, notion, concept, ideography, lingual picture of the world.

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